Technical Education, Swadeshi and Development in Bengal in the early twentieth century


On Monday, 27 April 2015 at 13:15, Engelska Parken, Building 1, Room 1-1060, we have the great pleasure to welcome Professor Arun Bandopadhyay for a guest lecture at Uppsala University. Professor Bandopadhyay, who teaches at the University of Calcutta will talk about "Technical Education, Swadeshi and Development in Bengal in the early twentieth century." 

Technical education had been a contested domain in Bengal (India) ever since the late nineteenth century, but in the early twentieth century, the discourses went on in some new directions. Although the colonial rule was not fully supportive, some Indians made remarkable and fast strides. The Swadeshi movement should be considered a watershed as far as education, including technical education, was concerned. The paper analyses the origins of changes that came in the industrial development of India after the 1930s, finding them in wider debates on technical education and development in the early twentieth century.

Arun Bandopadhyay is former Nurul Hasan Professor of History and Dean of the Post-graduate Faculty of Arts at the University of Calcutta, and now continues as a Visiting Professor of History after retirement. His research interest covers a wide range of areas: agrarian history, social history, business history and the history of science and the environment.