Poster Women: posters from the women’s movement in India


On Friday, 25 April 2014 the Forum for South Asia Studies is opening a poster exhibition won the women's movement in India. At 14:15 Alessandra Consolaro will introduce to the exhibition with a short lecture at Blåsenhus, Gunnar Johanssonsalen (BH/14:K1209). The exhibition will move by 6 May to Engelska Parken, Entréplanen hus 16 for two more weeks.

The display of the posters started Friday, 25 April at Blåsenhus Campus, Uppsala University. Professor Alessandra Consolaro (University of Turin, Italy) introduced to the exhibition with a short lecture.

Consolaro's lecture was entitled 'Constructing identity on women’s body: Writing the Nation and globalisation on women’s bodies in India.' All over the world the construction of tribal, feudal, class, ideological, ethnic, religious, and national identities have been constructed on women’s bodies.  Prof Consolaro introduced the process of 'gendering the nation' as it appeared in the Indian media scape at the turn of the century, focusing on popular culture, particularly cinema, TV and beauty pageant contests.

After the lecture and a brief discussion, Professor Alessandra Consolaro, Professor Heinz-Werner Wessler, Professor Christiane Schaefer (both Uppsala University ) and Dr. Gurdeep Kaur (Associate Professor, Delhi University) inaugurated the exhibition.

About the exhibition:

In 2006 Zubaan – an NGO working on women’s issues in Delhi (India) - began a fascinating project: Poster Women, a visual mapping of the women’s movement in India through the posters the movement had produced. The idea was to ask what the history of the movement would look like through its posters and the visual images it had used, the various campaigns that the movement has engaged with and the forms these campaigns have taken over a period of time. Zubaan is convinced that it is important to collect and document posters from the movement because the women’s movement has been—and remains—an extremely rich, complex and multi-layered movement, which lacks an easily accessible knowledge base.

The exhibition is brought to Uppsala University by the Forum for South Asia Studies in collaboration with Zubaan in cooperation with Kulturum Uppsala.

Photos of the event courtesy of Dr. Gurdeep Kaur.